Violation of the rules relating to discipline in the College includes the following categories of conduct by students:

  1. Disruption of teaching, class test/examination, research or administrative work, curricular and extra-curricular activities or residential life at the campus, including an attempt to prevent/impede any officer, teacher or staff of the College from performing his or her duties; and any act that causes such a disruption.
  2. Damaging or defacing College property or the property of any officer, teacher or staff of the College at the College campus or outside.
  3. Engaging in any act for wrongful confinement of teachers, officers, employees and students of the College or creating nuisance inside the premises of the College .
  4. Eve-teasing or disrespectful behaviour with female teachers, staff and students of the College .
  5. Assault on or intimidation of a teacher, officer, employee and student or any other person inside or outside the premises of the College .
  6. Ragging is a grave viulation of personal dignity of the victim.
  7. Use of abusive, intimidating or derogatory slogans or language or incitement of hatred and viulence or any such act as an offence.
  8. Organization of or participation in Strikes, Picketing, Gheraos and Dharnas for whatsoever reason.
  9. Furnishing false certificate information to the College .
  10. Committing forgery, tampering with or misuse of the signatures of the College authorities, use of College letterheads, documents or records, identification cards, etc., without permission of the College .
  11. Using any Unfair Means or showing disorderly conduct during or in relation to any College examination.
  12. Causing, encouraging or culluding in unauthorized entry of a person in the Campus or having unauthorized occupation at the College premises, including hostels or residences.
  13. Possession or consumption of alcoholic drinks, narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances or other intoxicants in the College premises and smoking in the College premises.
  14. Indulgence in gambling at the College campus.
  15. Possessing or using weapons such as knives, lathis, iron chains, iron rods, sticks, explosives and firearms in the College  premises.
  16. Arousing communal, caste or regional feelings or creating disharmony among fellow students.
  17. Tearing of pages, defacing, burning, destroying or stealing of books or other documents, reading materials or misusing, burning, destroying or stealing laboratory equipments or materials.
  18. Getting enrolled concurrently in more than one Programme of Study, excepting where approved.
  19. Failing to disclose the identity when asked to do so by an employee or officer of the College .
  20. Unauthorized acquisition or use of College furniture in hostel room or elsewhere.
  21. Unauthorized occupation of hostel room.
  22. Accommodating guests or other persons in hostels without permission of the hostel authorities.
  23. Improper rendering of adjustments against advances drawn from the College .
  24. Any act of moral turpitude.
  25. Any offence under law of the land.
  26. Improper behaviour at the College premises or during study tours or excursions.
  27. Pasting of objectionable posters or distributing pamphlets, handbills, etc. or writing or painting graffiti on walls and disfiguring the College buildings.
  28. Use of cell phones in the classrooms/examinations, and other academic activities.
  29. Failure to wear uniform/decent attire.
  30. Use of undue political and other influences on teachers and functionaries of the College for favours.
  31. Any other act detrimental to peaceful and orderly functioning of the College .

Punishment for the misconduct shall include the following:

  • Expulsion from the College .
  • Warning
  • Compensation for the damage(s) caused.
  • Suspension from the College for a specified period.
  • Suspension from appearing in a specified paper / examination.
  • Fine.
  • Police action.
  • Apology
  • Withdrawal of hostel facility.
Nos. 1 to 6, 8 to 10 and 25 Expulsion from the College , Police Action, if required. Expulsion
Nos. 7;1;13 and 15 Rustication for a specified period.
Nos. 12 ,14, 16, 17 and 27 Suspension from the College for a specified period & recovery of damages (double of the replacement value).
No. 18 De-enrollment and re-admission, on the production of the evidence of withdrawal from the other programmes of Study.
Nos. 19 and 20 Fine of Rs. 300/- Fine of Rs.500/-
Nos. 21 and 22 Expulsion from the hostel. Expulsion from the College
No. 23 Fine of the double the amount, or Rs. 1000/- whichever is higher, coupled with withdrawal from project, if any. Police action.
No. 24 Depending on the nature of offence. Depending on the nature of offence, punishment(s) as prescribed above.
Nos. 26 and 28 Depending on the gravity of the act, ranging from a Fine of Rs. 200/- to suspension from the class or both. Suspension from the class for a longer period. Suspension from taking exam. of a paper, or from the entire examination.
No.29 Suspension for a day from the class Suspension from the class/academic activity for 15 days. Rs. 500/- for every offence.
No.30 Fine of Rs. 100/- for the first offence. Subsequent offence would invite drastic action. Also depending on its gravity the fine may vary from Rs. 1000/- to expulsion.
No.31 Depending on the gravity of the offence, punishment may vary from a fine of Rs. 100/- to public apology, suspension and expulsion. Depending on the gravity of the offence. punishment may vary from a fine of Rs. 1000/- to public apology, suspension and Expulsion


The Student Discipline Committee

Vice-Chancellor appoints a Proctorial Board in consultation with the Chancellor, comprising the following members:

  • Pro-Vice-Chancellor (as Chairperson).
  • Proctor (Ex-Officio Member).
  • Director of the concerned School and Provost, and
  • Two Senior Faculty Members.

The Board inquires into the misconduct of the students, and recommends action against them to the Vice-Chancellor.

Officers authorized to recommend the disciplinary action are:

  • Directors/Principals of the Schools.
  • Joint Directors of the Schools and Heads of the Departments.
  • Registrar
  • Proctorial Board.
  • Provost


Nature of Penalties:

The following penalties may be imposed depending upon the gravity of the misconduct:

  • Written warning and information to the parents/ guardians.
  • Fine up to Rs. 500/- which may be extended up to Rs. 2500/-.
  • Suspension from the Class/Department/School/Hostel/Mess/Library.
  • Suspension or cancellation of scholarship, fellowship or any other financial assistance.
  • Recovery of monetary loss caused to the College .
  • Withdrawal from participation in Sports/NCC/NSS and other such activities.
  • Disqualification from holding any representative position in the class/School/Mess/Sports/Clubs.etc.
  • Change of room/hostel.
  • Expulsion from the Department/School/Hostel/Mess/Library/Club for a specified period.
  • Denial of permission to take an examination.
  • Expulsion from the College for a specified period.

The College reserves the right to act in a given situation depending on its magnitude and gravity.

Appellate Authority:

The appellate authority empowered to review a particular decision is as follows:

  • The Proctorial Board, headed by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor.
  • The Vice-Chancellor as the final authority in all disciplinary matters.

Tips for Students:

  • Always keep your Identity Card ready to produce on demand by the College authorities.
  • Come to the class room, laboratory or any academic programme in the prescribed uniform.
  • Maintain discipline and decorum at the time of the College functions/Convocation/Sports Day. Etc.
  • Bring to the Class/Lab. The relevant books/records and follow the instructions given by the teachers and the College community.
  • Beware of cyber crimes. Misuse of internet, hacking of (messages/passwords, etc.) are grave offences.
  • Behave with outsiders as ambassadors of the goodwill of the College .

Rules Relating to absence on grounds of Illness or For Participation In Programmes / Events.

  • Students are required to maintain 75% attendance in all the classes to become eligible for appearing at the Examination, failing which, they may not be allowed to appear in the Class Test/Mid Term/or Sem-End Examinations, both in Theory & Practicals and this may adversely affect his/her internal/external assessments.
  • Status report on attendance in each paper is displayed on the Notice Board seven days before the mid-semester and the Sem-End-Semester examinations.
  • Leave of absence may be requested by a student in the following way:-
Representing the College for any National/International competition (including Moot Courts) and for participating in any other activity authorized by the College . Application to the Director of the School, with a copy to the Deputy Controller of Examination/OSD Actual number of days spent for travelling or four days whichever is more and actual days of participation in the competition. —-Do—–
Participating in any activity authorized by the College . Application to the School Director at least three days before the event.
Medical grounds (Hospitalization, Accident and Contagious/Infectious diseases). Application to the School Director along with the documents, to be submitted

  • Within three days of, discharge of hospitalizations, and
  • Inform within two days of recovery/fitness. In other cases :
  • -Medical Certificate from a registered Medical Practitioner, endorsed by a College Panel Doctor;
  • -In case of hospitalization, the medical certificate from the hospital, endorsed by the College Panel Doctor,
  • -In case of the Medical Certificate issued by an outside doctor other than a government doctor, it should be endorsed by the College Doctor; and
  • -Supporting letter from the Resident Warden (where the applicant is a hostel resident). In case of an arranged treatment, application along with medical certificate must be submitted in advance
Up to 15% of total attendance (Total Classes held)
Bereavement in family The application, duly signed by the parent for consideration, is required to be made to the Director of the School, with a copy to the Deputy Controller of Examinations. Up to 15% of total classes held in each paper, subject to the discretion of the Director.



  • Immediately upon being absent on medical grounds, the student is required to inform the Director within 3 days, along with a Medical Certificate of illness/ hospitalization/bed rest, from a licensed medical practitioner. In case, a student remains absent for more than 5 days, immediately after attending the classes, within three days he/she is to submit a detailed medical report to the Director.
  • The College reserves the right to accept or reject the medical certificate.
  • In case, a medical certificate submitted is found to be false, or is not from a competent medical authority/hospital, serious action may be taken against the student as per the College Rules.